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We believe that there are clear, obvious, connections and patterns that exist in every business. We believe that teaching leaders to see the connections enable them to be more confident and successful in their pursuit to implement strategies. This always results in lower change management costs, reduced time to solve the challenge and fewer “do overs” so the business can get back to creating great customer experiences and making money.


  1. It starts with the customer.

  2. The business is an ecosystem of many interconnected pieces.

  3. People and their IQ & EQ need to be integrated as they are the heartpower and horsepower of the business.

  4. Leaders must drive the change they desire.

  5. Results will be quantified as either growth and/ or fitness achievements.



A new lens is required to reframe the challenge.

And reverse the trends that strategic “initiatives” are largely unsuccessfully implemented. Isn’t it time to reframe the challenge?



Increase the success rate of strategic implementations to create new customer experiences, grow, and make money at the same time?

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Albert Einstein


OUR approach

integrates DESIGN and opERATIONAL THINKING to increase your business profitability and probability for success.

Our unique methodology enables us to see system-wide issues not readily apparent and bring clarity and confidence to your team so that you can achieve measurable results.


Standard & custom assessments designed to help you assess and identify gaps with your customer understanding, culture, value proposition and your strategies.


Create new business models,
org structures, processes, and measures. Identify tools & skills to ensure that the gaps are closed and your innovation and optimization strategies are successful.


Initiate and execute plans by managing complex change through appropriate situational leadership styles, using measurement and governance systems.

Case Studies


The following case studies represent a sampling of KMESI's work in a variety of industries: Business, Healthcare, ServiceNonprofit sectors.  They highlight the client results.



Eric M. Herman, Senior Transformational Leader

Eric and his team have extensive experience solving complex organization challenges in a variety of industries including:

Manufacturing, Healthcare, Plastics, Automotive, Architecture & Engineering, and Consulting. 

They have a unique ability to see system-wide issues not readily apparent to most and to bring clarity and confidence to your innovation and optimization strategies by helping your team create and lead actionable plans so that you can achieve measurable results.