4° of Freedom 

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  • Leaders of small to medium size businesses

  • Startups

  • Organizations in their early growth stages


  • Struggle with creating goals & objectives

  • And then implementing their strategies, plans & tactics

WE PROVIDE a simple approach that integrates EQ & IQ principles in a straightforward manner to define actionable plans that engage, excite and align entire teams.

THAT creates clarity, connections and confidence to achieve your goals. A common vocabulary is established to increase implementation speed, lower change management costs, and increase success rates and team camaraderie. In addition, a governance system is part of our delivery to ensure that your ongoing market and business challenges will be handled with a focus towards your goal.

UNLIKE other professional services, training workshops or conference symposiums

WE distinguish our offering because we have walked in your shoes and know the difficulty implementation. We have learned how to engage entire cross-functional teams, and have integrated over 60 years of experience leading initiatives into our simple, repeatable, 4-step process. 4° OF FREEDOM demystifies how to create and implement your plans and strategies and creates an ongoing path for success.