Strategic Planning   "Developed and launched numerous systems & frameworks to formulate organization strategies, goals and objectives"
  Business Model Design   "Redesigned a multi-billion dollar organization from a traditional hierarchical view into an integrated horizontal business process system"
  Key Performance Indicators   "Identified a network of measures linking strategies to departments,  processes, employees within a real-time electronic dashboard"
  Human Centered Design Culture   "Integrated highly successful experience design organization with process-oriented, lean culture to drive new results"
  Lean Enterprise System   "Created lean and continuous improvement strategies, structures, systems, and skills based on Toyota Production System philosophies"
  Architectural Design Innovation   "Created a new design methodology, tools and training to ensure client strategies were converted into measurable client return on investment"
  Innovation Development Process   “Led development and implementation of a user-centered innovation system, accompanied with tools, methodology and governance system to improve sales, market share and profits"
  Project Portfolio Management   "Developed a new system and structure to initiate, execute, & manage a portfolio of projects"
  Physician Practice Business Model Design   “Led and continue to support a physician specialty practice through numerous incremental and systems-wide transformations"
  Lean Kaizen Handbook   "Created a repeatable methodology to execute on-going Lean & Six Sigma continuous improvement efforts"
  Human Experience Measurement Tool   "Assured that design solutions were balanced with qualitative and quantitative performance expectations"
  Nonprofit Agency System   "Created a revolutionary non-profit agency business model designed to better support collaboration across non-profit agencies dealing with mothers with young children"
  Patient Safety Assessment   "Created patient safety assessment tool using human-factors engineering to educate staff, identify gaps and reduce risk to prevent patient safety errors"
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