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It all STARTS with A desire to change…

Change is ultimately about either a desire to grow revenue and/or become more “fit” (reduce costs); but:

  • 10% of organizational change efforts actually succeed.

  • 35% of strategies don't consider the business complexities.

  • 1440 minutes in a day is a factor.

  • Ask yourself, why can’t we reverse these trends?


KMESI leads change using a broad set of capabilities amassed through many experiences across diverse industries, and professional fields. The proprietary methodology blends the uniqueness of design, business and operational thinking, and draws on over 30 years of experience to create customized implementation plans.


Standard & custom assessments designed to help you assess and identify gaps with your customer understanding, culture, value proposition and your strategies.


Create new business models, org structures, processes, and measures. Identify tools & skills to ensure that the gaps are closed and your innovation and optimization strategies are successful.


Initiate and execute plans by managing complex change through appropriate situational leadership styles, using measurement and governance systems.


Mentoring, check-ins & audits to ensure gains are sustained.


KMESI is passionate to help you create clarity, between your business and your customer, and help you see the connections to all the pieces of your business, that make up your culture and your performance so that, with support you can develop a change management implementation plan that will give you confidence that what you envisioned will happen.

Case Studies


The following case studies represent a sampling of KMESI's work in a variety of industries: Business, Healthcare, ServiceNonprofit sectors.  They highlight the client results.



Eric M. Herman, Senior Transformational Leader

Eric and his team have extensive experience solving complex organization challenges in a variety of industries including:

Manufacturing, Healthcare, Plastics, Automotive, Architecture & Engineering, and Consulting. 

They have a unique ability to see system-wide issues not readily apparent to most and to bring clarity and confidence to your innovation and optimization strategies by helping your team create and lead actionable plans so that you can achieve measurable results.